Ucci Why

« You know what? I rap in english. Yet I’m french, bulgarian, spanish, whateverish. I don’t really give a tiny rat’s ass about which country I was born in, never home and we’ll be runnin. ». If Ucci had to choose a magic power, it would be omnilingualism. The essence of her lyrics is based on understanding the world we live in and sharing the truth that comes out of it. In her quest for wisdom, Ucci has found her happiness in the values of hip hop – peace, love, unity, having fun, and respect. Her playful lyrics aim a philosophical reflexion and bring a sense of well-being. Those positive vibes are amplified during her concerts ; as one fan put it « When you sing, I feel like your music goes straight to my heart. » Back in 2013, she started writing lyrics and making music as Cybool. She produced two home-made albums : « Dive into the Wild » (jazzy hip hop) and « Island Vibe » (reggae hip hop). These albums were made with Loop Snatchers, Doe, Furstaid Beatz, The Nomad, and The Wardrobe Music Maker in different parts of France, in Australia and New Zealand during her travels. 2019 was a very special year as Cybool became Ucci Why and she took the decision to quit her job as a graphic designer to focus entirely on music. She also decided to create a new EP called « LIBRA » in her favorite genre : alternative hip hop. This EP is a reflexion of her true colors as she orchestrated it exclusively on her own ; she chose five different beatmakers to make sure her project would be full of surprises, just like she loves her music. Ucci Why’s rap is a cocktail of different cultures, of wisdom and colorful hip hop. From the East to the West, influenced by many different artists, her bouncy flow is entwined with powerful lyrics. If you love Lauryn Hill & Tupac, Ucci Why might become your new favorite rapper.