Outsourced Feelings

About Outsourced Feelings “Outsourced Feelings” is a seven-track album written by Arianna O’Dell, Founder of Airlink Marketing, with vocals provided by Julian Sherwood, music by Matt Welch, album art by François Matus, with production and music by Nathaniel Wolkstein.  With little knowledge of instruments or music production, Arianna O’Dell never thought making music was accessible to her. After listening to a love ballad post-breakup, she wondered if she could take her own words and turn them into music in the same way. She turned to the internet to see who could help her make her song idea a reality. « I’ve always loved music, but not being able to play an instrument or sing made me think music production wasn’t accessible to me,” said Arianna O’Dell, Founder of Airlink Marketing. “When I discovered I could collaborate with musicians on Fiverr to make my song ideas become a reality, it was life-changing.  “Outsourced Feelings” is an album that blends together seven-tracks, using soft vocals and music from a violin, viola, synthesizer, piano, saxophone, bass clarinet, drums, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. The track names include:
  • Headspace
  • Broken Ceramic
  • Outsourced Feelings
  • The Darkness
  • Golden Gate
  • Greek Vacation
  • Red Flags
Arianna worked with four accomplished musicians to bring this album to life:
  • Nathaniel Wolkstein is based in Sedona, Arizona and is a classically trained professional violinist and violist, composer, and producer. Nathaniel has collaborated with musicians, organizations, producers and directors, creating original music for film, podcasts, radio, and advertisements. 
  • Julian Sherwood is based in Hartford, Connecticut and has been a recording musician since age 13. Starting out as a drummer, he eventually became involved with songwriting and performing with multiple bands throughout Connecticut, and hasn’t stopped since.
  • Matt Welch is based in Craigieburn, Australia is a professional musician, songwriter, and music teacher who has been writing and performing music for almost two decades.
  • François Matusis is a graphic designer based in Los Angeles but is originally from Lille, France. He has a B.A. in Graphic Design from Sciences U Lille and has been working in the music industry for 10 years.