Naomi Cheyanne

Naomi Cheyanne is an RnB/Pop artist from Long Beach, CA. Naomi has been touching the hearts of audiences since the tender age of 12. She grew up participating in several musical theater productions and art shows. Naomi describes herself as a diverse creative because of her ability to write and create music for all types of artists. On top of being a singer-songwriter, Naomi is also a graphic designer, ghostwriter and producer. Naomi has wrote and produced songs for many independent artists such as herself. She’s been collaborating with dozens of independent artists and producers since 2014. Naomi’s passion and overwhelming love for music makes her a very desirable artist to collaborate with. Naomi offers a unique style of music consisting of electronic, soulful, RnB and pop sounds. Her music has a modern take on 90’s RnB love songs and today’s heartbreak pop songs. Naomi creates music with the objective of getting her audience to elicit emotions that relates to the mood she shares through her music. She believes that sharing emotions through music is a powerful tool that can be used to make people feel connected rather than lonely.