Midnight Rise

Inspired by american rock music MIDNIGHT RISE mixes retro and modern influences to create a unique and timeless kind of sound. Midnight Rise is not a dream creature, neither a nightmarish chimera but a double-headed being transcending the usual division muse-pygmalion. Mysterious and captivating…a mesmerizing charm arises from her, a sassy and sexy sound which will make you wanna furiously wiggle. Sophia Lagny, singer and songwriter, is a flamboyant show girl which incomparable performances already get her noticed… She’s got her own world fuelled with influences as rich as eclectic : Franck Sinatra, Nina Simone, Elvis, Garbage, Depeche mode, No Doubt, Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Horrorpops… After being part of a couple of projects, she decides to create Back Lash that she will lead for 6 years : sighted by local music label , opening for The Creepshow, Deportivo, Izia Higelin and the support of local medias have already rewarded this project. Greg Feerkins, multi-instrument player, composer, producer (Feerkins prod) and arranger is a all-rounder artist. He was also the head of a huge project named Feerkins which he was the only creator and player, Feerkins. His influences go from Stoner Rock to Metal : Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson, Nine inch Nails… The compelling melodies and catchy riffs wake up our sleepy ears and bodies in the puriest Rock’n’Roll tradition.