Lenna Bauerly

Lenna Bauerly has written songs for a considerable numbers of others, and made her debut in 2007 as an artist herself, reaching #29 on the Billboard Club Play Chart with a remix of her pop song “Evenly.” Lenna went onto chart three subsequent times on Billboard as an artist. Lenna was one of the most played artists on the CBS hit show Guiding Light, which was the longest running drama ever, entertaining fans for over 70 years. In 2009 she received an Emmy nomination for her self- penned song “The Leaver.” Lenna has had songs on the charts in The Netherlands, France and Mexico to name a few. She also sings and writes in French. She has performed in places like The Staples Center, Los Angeles , bars in Viet Nam, and the streets of Paris. Lenna songs have been played on numerous TV shows such as Walker Texas Ranger, Laguna Beach, Oprah, Dr. Oz, Drake and Josh, and Wheel Of Fortune, to name a few. Lenna is currently in pre-production for a one hour animated Christmas special which she created titled “Joe The Suntanned Reindeer.” Lenna penned the screenplay. She has collaborated with many award winning songwriters and artists to create the soundtrack album which accompanies the movie. For additional information visit: IMDB