Grégory Libessart

Pianist since the age of 5, my school career first led me to marketing and advertising. Then, after studies in business communication and musicology of the twentieth century, i worked as a freelance sound illustrator with advertising agencies or sound production by combining existing classical works to commercials. Then completing my training with courses in analysis, harmony and counterpoint (D. Rossi), as well as private orchestration lessons (E. Billard), I got closer to the short film by associating my own compositions with the directors’ images. I participated in the 8th professional meetings around film music (Ceci-Moulin d’Andé). I was laureate composer emergence 2008 working on the free and imposed scenes of Audrey Fouché. I was selected to the 3rd character workshop of the Festival d’Aubagne (France) in 2011. From improvisations on paintings and writings of a painter, on piano, to the soundtrack of a puppet show, my music is classical, serving a melody rich in connotations. I’m looking for the match between the director’s view, and what a musical theme, a soundscape, a narrative music suggests. Acoustic instruments and electronic environments, the approach remains the same regardless of the tools used; my work is resolutely turned towards the image and the movement. I am the discreet symbiosis to accompany the editing of the director and thus follow his rhythm. In 2017, I released my first album, « Resurgence », available on CD and on all digital platforms. A set of emotions shared on the piano, embellished with Oud, bass, drums and vocals. In addition, I work as a piano teacher for more than ten years.