Glass Spells

Glass Spells, the energetic band from San Diego, California. Bringing their mosaic arrangement of funky bass lines, dance beats and piercing synths in tow with the inclusion of infectious female vocals. Glass spells have won the attention of many by it’s characteristic sound which incorporates several elements from post punk, disco and electronics to create rhythms that will not get out of your head. Mentioned as the best new band by San Diego uptown news in 2015. Glass Spells have released an EP in 2014 and a self-titled LP in 2016. After the debut release in 2014, Glass Spells have been featured on radio stations in San Diego (91x, FM949 ) and also other college radio stations like KCRW and KXLU .The buzz around Glass Spells has led to shows in Los Angeles and Mexico, in addition to performing at San Diego’s premiere venues ( Casbah, Soda Bar) showcasing at the San Diego Music Thing in late 2014, as well as Festival Antes in Mexico City Glass Spells was formed by Anthony Ramirez in Calexico, Ca, border city to Mexicali, Mexico, and later moved to San Diego, Ca. Glass Spells have supported acts like Alice Glass, PRAYERS, Moving Units, CLOSENESS members of The Faint. Van She,  and others. « Should Glass Spells’ disco-punk continue to catch on, it would recall another genre-fusing movement that came from Baja California some 12 years ago, when Tijuana artists launched Nortec. Artists like Bostich+Fussible created dance music using samples of tubas, clarinets, and snare drums from Mexico’s norteño street bands. But unlike Nortec, which was born in the studio, Glass Spells’ disco-punk is known for its live shows.  » – San Diego Reader