Georges Kazazian

Georges Kazazian – Oud * Composer With a Style of his own and in the same time steeped in Egypt`s musical traditions, Georges Kazazian has journeyed through several traditions of the world. Traveling through musical expression seems to be an inner goal and a way to create diversity and richness of colors and tonalities. His albums capture a translucent way of playing the oud, his music defines the essence of the river Nile, ever – living symbol of Egypt`s ancient civilization. In his early days Georges Kazazian found the popular Egyptian musical instruments extremely sophisticated, he loved the tones and over the years he turned them into highly personal colors that reflect the ancient and the modern spirit of Egypt.  » It`s not how you start, it`s how you develop » Following this principle, he has emerged an influential voice in the world of music, a true artist and creative genius. Georges Kazazian has performed at some of the most prestigious festivals around the world, he has composed sound tracks for several films*(kanchan Goupta).